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Academic Sample Job 1 #80 About 20 units should be spent by you on this job. The bar graph below shows trousers for just two businesses year’s projected income in Chicken. The pie chart demonstrates both organizations in jeans at the end of year’s estimated marketshare. Create a brief survey to get an university lecturer explaining the info shown below. Produce at least 150 words. Test Tip 1) Remember you don’t get added markings for creating more than 150 words, however you will shed scars in the event you publish less. 2) Others is sometimes described as being a class on graphs. Dont ignore it. Determine what it is discussing within the information above it refers to others then range from the info if you believe it’s related.

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1 is answered by product The bar chart demonstrates trousers in 1000s of sets for two businesses in Bulgaria next year’s estimated sales. It is expected that acquisitions of trousers at will climb from 150,000 frames to around 500 in January,000 sets in August, and can remain there till Nov. For December, revenue are required to stay the location of 600,000 pairs. Meanwhile, it is believed that jeans for Port & Smith Co.’s sales will start 000 sets in Jan, the season at around 450, decreasing to about 250 before improving to around 400,000 in July. Till June for the next 8 weeks, revenue are forecast to keep regular at this degree, after which they are anticipated to increase slowly hitting a peak of approximately 900,000 pairs in November. The pie-chart shows that, at the conclusion of year that is next, the anticipated market-share for and Jack & amp; Jackson Co. is 30% and 20% respectively.

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The entire sales styles for both corporations are forecast to become upwards, as is seen from the data. 2 is answered by type The club graph shows jeans in a large number of frames for two businesses in Turkey’s predicted sales; Port and Mango Co. & amp; Jones Co. for year. Probably the most impressive feature is the fact that sales increases for both businesses, It is envisioned that sales of Port & Johnson Co. will start at 450,000 sets in January minimizing by 200,000 sets following month with a steady recover within the future four weeks hitting 400,000 couples in July. Those of amp Port &; Smith Co. are predicted to not be unstable until May peaking 000 sets in June and July to 600, up.

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Sales of Port & Johnson may accomplish a peak of 900,000 in November, for all those of Mango Co. is believed a continuous increase using the largest sale of 600,000 sets in December. Initially of the next year those of Mango Co. will endure at 150,000 pairs dropping back to 100,000 frames in January, soaring progressively to 250,000 in July, In future weeks revenue will accomplish 450,000 pairs improving to 500,000 frames in August, remaining firm until November, Concerning the pie chart Port & amp’s revenue can reveal 30% of marketplace while those of Mango Co. 20%. 50% of industry is about to be discussed by other programs. This reply would probably exceed Band 8

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